Refund & Cancellation

Dawnbells eBooks support a product information option before buying. Customers are requested to preview an eBook before buying it. By nature of the products we sell request for refund is possible only under very specific conditions.

Only under the following criteria the customer is entitled for cancellation or a refund -

  • The customer has made the successful payment.
  • The customer is not able to download or view the eBook in next 24 hours from the time of reporting the issue to Dawnbells, due to some issue arising on behalf of Dawnbells and Dawnbells is not able to make a temporary alternative arrangement.
  • The customer wants to cancel the order given the case above.
  • The matter is brought to notice of Dawnbells within 24 Hours of buying the book.

Note - There will not be any refund in following conditions -

  • The customer has rent or accessed the book even once.
  • Government or any other law enforcement agency bans any book or publication.
  • Customer can not cancel the order after purchase and delivery of the product.

If all conditions are found to be satisfactory then after cancellation the amount will be refunded to customer within 7 working days. All disputes will be under Bangalore jurisdiction.

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