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UHA - Terms & Conditions:

Uha is a flagship product of Dawnbells. Currently launched as an android application, it's a skill based quiz game and enables players to win legal money by completing different quiz levels in different disciplines.

You automatically agree to the t&c below when you download Uha from the google playstore and start using it.

The application Uha is solely developed and owned by Dawnbells. The trademark and rights are secured by Dawnbells, this includes the intelectual property and database propriety.

No one is allowed to extract or manipulate any information from the game. Translation of the app and any direct or indirect infringement is not allowed under any circumstances.

We at Dawnbells reserve the absolute right to make any changes to the app, including the payment pattern. We would intimate the users of any changes as deemed necessary.

We process all data including personal user data securely and will only solicit such information which is deemed necessary for the smooth functioning of the application.

We do not take any responsibility for the non functioning of the application due to the net connectivity issues at the users end. If their is a disconnect and the game flow cannot be completed to ensure payments due to connectivity, then we absolve ourself of any wrongdoing.

Also we are not responsible for any prohibition in the smooth functioning of the application due to demographic and geographic considerations.

We are also not liable due to the issues raising out of the users device, which is being used to play the game. Updates to the game will be available on the playstore intermittently.

The game instruction and rules is mentioned in the Uha application and can be referred by the user before taking up any game.

These t&c are subject to changes as and when. For any queries write to us at info@dawnbells.com.




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