The Evil Genius

The Evil Genius

The Evil Genius

After a traumatic childhood and youth, Sydney Westerfield is rescued from the drudgery of teaching in her aunt's school by becoming the governess of Kitty, the only child of Herbert and Catherine Linley. Herbert and Sydney fall in love which results in a crisis with the interference of Mrs Presty, Catherine Linley's mother. Sydney leaves the household but is brought back when Kitty becomes seriously ill. The situation deteriorates further with Catherine leaves her husband taking Kitty with her and seeks divorce under scottish law. Matters are further complicated by the introduction of a friend of Sydney's dead father, Captain Bennydeck, who eventually falls in love with Catherine. The ending sees Sydney who is tormented by her guilty conscience leaving Herbert who then remarries Catherine.


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Format: Pdf, epub and Mobi.


Name : Wilkie Collins

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