The Daffodil Mystery

The Daffodil Mystery

The Daffodil Mystery

This story revolves around Mr. Thomas Lyne, owner of Lyne's Emporium, and his cashier employee Odette Rider. Miss Rider is wrongly accussed for a crime and sacked. Lyne's cousin Jack Tarling who works as a detective finds out that Lyne is hiding the real culprit Mr. Milburgh's, who works as manager in the same office. The story unfolds with Lyne being shot and murdered with a bunch of daffodils on his chest. This happens after Rider comes to know about the truth behind her sacking, she is accussed of Lyne's murder and now has to solve the mystery of the Daffodils.


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Format: Pdf, epub and Mobi.


Name : Edgar Wallace

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